Namaste Sonja and Gita! I got my RYT card!  It's official.....I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher!  Now, I just need to find a teaching job!  :))))) I hope all is well in your world.  I miss all of you and my new yoga family. I am already planning my next visit to India….hopefully I will be there in the spring of next year. I am really hopeful that I can do an internship with Sonja for a short while and further my yoga studies. I am missing my daily yoga with Sonja and my yummy meals made with love by you and Tara.

Jennifer Vitalo, YTT March-April 2015

Dear Gita & Sonja, India was extraordinary. My experience with you and with the yoga 8 was extraordinary and does feel like it was someone else's life, which I catch glimpses of occasionally.  I am trying to keep my daily practice, and am certainly lighter on my feet during the jump forwards/jump backs during classes at my gym - I think my teacher is jealous...lol. I wanted to let you know that I have finished the Abundance book and the 40 day programme. I shall attempt this week to navigate the yoga alliance website and see what it involves. Thank you both again for such a life-changing experience.

Peter- Adrian Altini - YTT March-April 2015
Dear Sonja, As I am witnessing another beautiful sunset in Morjim, I have had time to reflect on the last month I have spent with you and your team at Sushumna.I am currently full of gratitude and appreciation and wanted to let you know.I wanted to thank you personally, as I didn't last night, after the beautiful music and gifting ceremony.You and the great teachers and supporting team that you have around you have really created a life changing experience for me.Now that I have had a little time to reflect, I realise that at times by body and mind were in so much resistance to doing another day of yoga, another class, but with your strong, supporting and loving energy I kept going.I will never forget, everyone you brought together to create the training. Every aspect helped me to gain more awareness of myself.The variety, and support that was offered during the training was superb, the food, and how it was so lovingly prepared by Sam was deeply appreciated.My heart is fully of gratitude and appreciated for how you and Gitta put this all together. May Sushumna Yoga continue to prosper and grow. Giving us the abundace book, and continued study to work on is a wonderful tool.....I will endeavour to make the changes in my life that I know I need to and with all the extra tools and you opening the door for me to Yoga, I hope I shall be able to make all of them all with ease. With much love and appreciated.

Irena Tymruk YTT Mar-Apr 2013

I undertook the Yoga teacher Training 28 day course this November at Sushumna Yoga and it was amazing. The teachers were experienced, knowledgeable and passionate. The surrounds were lovely with a beautiful pool and the beach only a 5 minute walk away. The course was intense, with the content full but interesting and varied, learning different styles of Yoga. The 70% raw food diet was delicious. All involved were very helpful. HIGHLY recommended.

Jess - YTT Nov-Dec 2012

After completing the YTT course at Sushumna I felt I'd received unique, bespoke, experienced, diverse, real quality teachings that have lived up to all my expectations, and beyond, from day one. Although the course was extremely intense, sweaty and demanding physically throughout, the experienced teaching team run by the radiant Sonja was always available, mindful, and respectful of everyone's individual needs and challenges. The small number of students has certainly made this mindful follow-up possible as much as it's contributed to the depth of first-hand authentic teachings directly received from India-born teachers. Having embraced a quasi ( save for dehydrated nuts) 100% vegan rawfoodie lifestyle I also gratefully appreciated Sushumna's efforts to provide the actual volumes of fruits and veg this entails on a daily basis, and hence naturally enjoyed the deliciously inventive raw meals. The resort is enchantingly beautiful, has filtered water available on site and natural ventilation in all the rooms.

Aurore  - YTT Nov-Dec 2012


I just finished a one month course at sushumna and was blown away by the entire course. The resort is right across the street from the beach and has an amazing restaurant with a french chef who has years of experience. The rooms were very clean and the pool was great for days that I did not make it to the beach. During my course I worked with several different yoga instructors who offered the perfect diversity of theory, philosophy, and style. All the teachers had an incredible energy and were passionate about the material they had to offer. I recommend sushumna for anyone who is looking to expand their practice, learn about yoga philosophy, become a teacher, or just relax ad learn about themselves. Topics covered: ashtanga, Hatha, kundalini, Ayurveda, teaching yoga, raw food diet, fasting, kirtan, yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, chakras, meditation, pranayama, itemgar, and more.

Rebecca Zendt – YTT Nov-Dec 2011

I did a four week teacher training with Sushumna and would highly recommend it to those considering it. Doing a three hundred hour teacher training in a month’s time is a challenging endeavor but I really enjoyed doing it with Sushumna. The teachers were very knowledgeable and diversified, the curriculum left me feeling quite prepared to start teaching classes, and I was unexpectedly introduced to yoga as being a healthy directive to an entire way of life. Be aware that a course like this is physically and spiritually demanding and both physical and emotional issues can be brought to the surface when you least expect them, but it all seemed to be part of the process and the Aquatica resort was a lovely, calm, peaceful and safe setting to work through any personal bumps in the road I found myself going through. I would do it all again without question!

Laura Marchal – YTT Nov-Dec 2011

I first visited Shushumna to improve my asana practice in January 2011 and the experience made me go back for a month long teacher training in Nov 2011. Sonja, the Founding Director made us train in different styles of yoga- Shushumna flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Kundalini, which itself is very unusual as most of the trainings around the world tend to focus on a certain style of yoga. All the teachers were highly experienced and professional, working with our strengths and limitations and were always available to answer any doubts and questions. The course is quite challenging as all the pranayama, asana, meditation, chanting and vegetarian diet tend to open energy channels and muscles most of us are unaware of, and that may result in emotional and physical reaction which can, at time be overwhelming, but at the same times helps in cultivating awareness of own self, both at physical and spiritual level. That’s the purpose of yoga- to create awareness and understanding. I would recommend Suhsumna to anyone who wants to teach or just deepen their own practice or just want to rejuvenate and relax.

Pratigya Kauffman –YTT Nov-Dec 2011

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