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Sushumna Yoga School
We are now only conducting Teacher Trainings, Immersions & Retreats in England, India and Europe.
All our residential programs are conducted at different resorts in these countries mentioned above.
If you decide to do yoga in it's very own birthplace, then Goa has the perfect temperature especially during the months of October through to April, (find your favourite season to visit Goa) here.
Goa is always evergreen with it's beautiful deep green sea, breath taking sunsets, silvery sands, glorious forests, flora and fauna, a wealth of cultural heritage, stunning churches, and historic temples, a true paradise to practice the essence of yoga.
Our Classes
Sushumna Vinyasa Flow is a signature class we offer. The main difference of this style of yoga to other styles is the focus on five components:
1. Vinyasa (movement and synchronicity with the breath). 
2. Ujjayi (Victorious) breath, (a sibilant sounding exhalation of the breath) this creates heat in the body, which leads to purification through increased circulation and sweating. It also improves flexibility and lubricates the joints, which allows the student to practice advanced asanas (postures) with reduced risk of injury. Other components include:
3. Bandhas (internal locks or seals), that are seen as a paradox as they actually unlock the latent, life-force energy or Prana of the subtle body sheath. Namely, Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandhas.
4. Drishti (gaze), which helps us to hold our concentration and remain still, but rooted and focused in the asanas.
5. Counting of the ujjayi (victorious) breath to enable the flow in the movements to be regulated and even.
It is a dynamic form of yoga, which promotes clarity of mind, strength, flexibility and endurance combined with pranayama and meditation, music, visualization and relaxation.
Sushumna Pranayama & Meditation is an hour long class, for forty minutes we concentrate on various methods of breathing, breath retention and breath release, normally aided by mudras (hand movements) which help the breath to be distributed in certain areas or evenly in the body. Then twenty minutes of meditation, using mantra (powerful, sanskrit affirmations) or breath or visualization or concentrating on various parts of the body like in Vipassana (the original buddhist meditation).
Sushumna Restorative (Yin) Yoga is good for an evening practice or to do when you need that much needed pick- me - up, we use blocks, bolsters and belts to aid asanas and relax our bodies fully and deeply, so that you leave feeling calm, fresh and rested. We often combine self body healing and opening of the chakras in this Yin form.
Ashtanga Mysore Self-Practice is for anyone that has their own self-practice (where you do a series of Asanas and are helped to explore and find meditation, through a constant practice of 5 to 6 days a week). Sonja is very experienced in adjustments that will not sustain injuries but encourage you to find your full potential. During Ashtanga classes you will go through the primary or secondary series of Ashtanga as taught in Mysore, the teacher will also provide modifications for those that are new to yoga.
Beginners Hatha Yoga ha = "sun" and tha= "moon. In this class we concentrate on balancing the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves, the hot and active parts with the cool and receptive elements within us. We create balance and unite opposites. Physically we balance flexibility and strength, surrender and effort. It promotes restful sleep, relief from stiffness, aches and pains, improved circulation and better health.
Iyenger Yoga Introcuction to Iyengar Yoga will be taught during our 300+ hour Teacher Trainings by Dr Abhay Keste (see Teacher Training Teachers)
Kundalini Yoga Introduction to Kundalini Yoga will be taught during our 300+ hour Teacher Trainings by Amrit (see Teacher sTraining Teachers)

"Sushumna offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul."