Have a look at why Jess came back to do the YTT again 2 years later :)) What Peter's favorite moment was & hear what Emily has to say about her experience on the Sushumna Yoga YTT! Click here
Namaste Sonja and Gita! I got my RYT card!  It's official.....I'm a Registered Yoga Teacher!  Now, I just need to find a teaching job!  :))))) I hope all is well in your world.  I miss all of you and my new yoga family. I am already planning my next visit to India….hopefully I will be there in the spring of next year. I am really hopeful that I can do an internship with Sonja for a short while and further my yoga studies. I am missing my daily yoga with Sonja and my yummy meals made with love by you and Tara.


Jennifer Vitalo, YTT March-April 2015

Dear Gita & Sonja, India was extraordinary. My experience with you and with the yoga 8 was extraordinary and does feel like it was someone else's life, which I catch glimpses of occasionally.  I am trying to keep my daily practice, and am certainly lighter on my feet during the jump forwards/jump backs during classes at my gym - I think my teacher is jealous...lol. I wanted to let you know that I have finished the Abundance book and the 40 day programme. I shall attempt this week to navigate the yoga alliance website and see what it involves. Thank you both again for such a life-changing experience.

Peter- Adrian Altini - YTT March-April 2015

The Teacher training at Sushumna was a fantastic experience. My name is Trude Peterson and I am 53 years old and I learned so much during this course. I had not practised Ashtanga Yoga, so before I left for Goa I had bought myself Jon Scott’s DVD and tried to do ‘The Primary Series’ every day. It would go like this: “Oh, can’t do that” forward the DVD, do some asanas, “Oh can’t do that” and so on. Jumping forward, jumping backward. I have to say I did not like it at all. By the end of the first 2 weeks in the Sushumna’s Teacher Training course I could do so much more. It is such an intense practice, you are so warm and the energy in the room was so amazing that you just did it. I got to love Ashtanga yoga. It is a truly invigorating practice but also very meditative yoga. It demands so much from you that you cannot think of anything else but what you are doing at that second, breathing, having your feet shoulder width apart, are my thighs engaged, which way, does this twist go, remembering the sequence, and so after I while got to love it. 

One segment of our training was Pranyama and Meditation. To my big surprise that was my most favorite class. Me – who can’t sit still for a long time!!. 
Sushumna has fantastic teachers. Some are strict (But I liked it because they truly motivated you. You would never talk during their lessons you would by 1000% focused. I really learned to appreciate that.) and others there quite relaxed. I loved to learn about the Yoga Philosopy, Ayuverda (So interesting and so different to our way of looking at health), Anatomy, how to adjust a person in Asanas, Susuhumna Vyinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga , Restorative Yoga, Karma Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. If you had any problems you always had a wonderful person to go to (Thank you Gita). 
Our food we ate was raw food. And we would have once a day a curry, vegetable or lentil curry with rice. I loved that raw food very much. We had a French chef who would make for example a lasagne with zucchini cut into slices, cover it with tomato paste made out of sun- dried tomatoes pureed with oil and garlic and herbs, covered with a white sauce made with cashews, oil and salt , covered with another zucchini slice. Excellent.
For me it was such a good experience to go to a place by myself and be completely open to what ever comes and try it out.
Thank you very much to all the teachers at Sushumna! Love Trude

Trude - YTT Mar-Apr 2013


I spent a month at Sushumna Yoga completing their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programme in March 2013. The content of the programme has been very carefully considered and has a great mix of theory and practice with outstanding teachers of the highest quality. The opportunity to immerse myself in the yogic experience combined with really tasty food surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone considering yoga teacher training. The schedule is demanding but the teaching team skilfully push you to your limits whilst ensuring that you are supported by the group as you maximise your potential. This course is an amazing experience and will change your life … my advice is go for it. I am so glad I did.

Janet - YTT Mar-Apr 2013 (Read more in Janet's blog)


My experience at Sushumna Yoga Teacher Training was an unforgettable period of my life. I learned a ton about yoga, but also a ton about myself. I didn't expect the powerful emotion and vulnerability I felt throughout the course, however, it allowed me to grow immensely as a person in my time at Sushumna. The course was intense and required full commitment almost everyday in the month. Sushumna Yoga taught and exposed me to so many various types of yoga. One of my favorite modules in the training was Kundalini yoga with Amrit. The exposure to such a variety of styles and teachers allowed me to develop a wide range it knowledge about yoga and a strong appreciation for yoga, as so much more than a means of physical exercise; a true body, mind, and soul experience. I highly recommend this course, however, be prepared, it is not a vacation or a retreat. It is intense, but very much worthwhile!

Mel Brittner –YTT Nov-Dec 2012


We went there by group. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Yoga classes was great, with very useful information that could help us improve our knowledge. And the food was surprisingly good (considering we were not really vegetarian) we enjoyed eating everytime (I especially loved the zucchini one :) ) Just a few minutes walk to the beach. Sushumna Yoga is a place where you can just sit down and relax or just go swim in the pool with a feeling of calmness. I’d like to thank everyone there, we really had a great time >Ms Sonja, Ms Gita, Ms Julie, Om Made Cafe, Les, Ivan and everyone there at the Sushumna Yoga, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

Disney, March 2012

I have just returned home after a fantastic 2 week Yoga retreat at Sushumna and I would like to thank all the staff and teachers there for making my stay a most enjoyable one. The room was clean and well maintained throughout my stay. The Yoga was amazing I tried to attend all the classes I think I managed 90 per cent I loved all the different teachers, Ivan, Sonja and Sharyana they were all very different so I have come away with lots of new exciting methods, All in all I would recommend the place and I would go again.

Also it is worth mentioning that as a lone female there I felt very safe, I also enjoy running and swimming so I was able to manage nice training runs on the beach, the road is a bit hectic so rather run on the beach also the pool was amazing it is an 18 m pool so I was able to do some swimming training as well, so for the all around sports person it is suitable Thanks again
Breda – April 2012


All my previous travels were to 5 star hotels & luxurious places...... But this one is far from all the luxury that I’m used to ! It’s a place were you get back to nature,simplicity & quietness. The room was very simple , no telephone of TV ... That gave me a lot of quietness & piece of mind ..... The food was very Heathy, all organic and fresh .... The chef was absolutely an artist when it came for raw food menu ....never thought I will eat raw food as delicious as this ! The yoga classes were amazing, I have attended daily Hatha yoga with Sharanya and 3 classes of Iyenga yoga with Les ...all were absolutely amazing. After one week I came back home and I feel more energetic, with sharp and powerful mind. The comments that I have received from people when back that I look thinner, brighter and I grew taller” “ I guess that’s all beacause of the stretching in yoga” ! a place with two thumbs up !

E. Hussain, November 2011


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