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If you would like to invite Sonja Appel to your studio for a weekend of Ashtanga workshops please do not hesitate to. The workshops will be split by ability with 8 hours dedicated to those new to the Primary Series and 8 hours to those who are familiar with Ashtanga Yoga and wish to improve their practice and learn some of the 2nd Series.


Ashtanga is a style of Yoga established by Shri K. Patthabi Jois in Mysore in India in 1948. It is a physical and dynamic practise and in the Primary Series Sequence there are a set of flowing postures where the focus is on the 'Vinyasa' which is a term that relates to a movements and synchronicity with the breath. Sonja Appel is the owner of Sushumna Yoga in Goa, India, which is the oldest yoga school in the region. Our teacher Janet Richards completed her yoga teacher training with Sonja, who is herself a direct student of Shri K. Pattabi Jois. Sonja is based in India the birthplace of yoga and holds workshops all over the world including Dubai, India and Nepal. This is her first workshop in the UK since 2005. Sonja is certified by the British School of Yoga, Radiantly Alive and is registered with Yoga Alliance.


This is a unique opportunity to either discover or improve Ashtanga Yoga with a teacher who has studied with the Grandmaster himself.




Please contact her at info@sushumna.in

This is a non-residential program

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Yoga retreat packages need to be booked up to one month in advance. A 50% advance payment is required to confirm your booking. EMAIL sales@sushumna.in OR CALL +91 9923 219 230 for more details and booking information.

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